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Experience and reliability since 1977!

Quality and Sustainability

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The ISO9001:2015 certified quality makes our production system faster, accurate, well organized and constantly controlled in every phase.
We have joined “PROGETTO INDUSTRIA 4.0”. We are sure of all potentialities of the available investments because they will guarantee more competition, rewarding those who invests in sustainable innovation, research, production development and staff training, focusing on made in Italy.



Renewable energies

flex riciclo 1We strongly believe in the potential of renewable and eco-friendly energies, such as the recent 95 KW photovoltaic installation, which makes the factory partially indipendent for electricity needs.
More investments are expected to increase the electricity autonomy in the coming years.
The importance of reclycling materials is implemented in the packaging phase, trying to recover best the wrappers and packaging.




Markets (in Italy and abroad) have changed: they have expanded and customers have become more demanding on the economic and quality aspects.
These two influences have increased Gimar to a continuous growth with development and innovation, fixing ever greater goals and pursuing them.
With current equipments, Gimar can satisfy every customer’s request, from small to larger productions, using high quality raw materials.


High quality raw materials

The raw materials we use are high quality certified, food contact suitable, high temperatures resistant and approved to EN14241-1 and FDA regulations by us. We use materials such as VMQ, NR, sulphur and peroxide EPDM, NBR, HNBR, FKM, neoprene, fluorosilicone and thermoplastic (SEBS) of different hardnesses (from 35 to 90 Sh.A), thicknesses and colours. During the preparation and project’s phases is very important to know customer’s requests and product’s final applications. They are essential to best choose the raw material, also considering its features and properties.


The new technology used for AUTOMATIC SELECTION makes the sorting and control processes faster, dynamic and more accurate.
The OPTICAL VIEWER is an additional equipment to view and check the correct quality and dimensional standards of the gaskets produced. Our machine fleet includes 22 printing presses of different tonnages, from 35 to 400 tons and types, compression and injection (horizontal and vertical), some of them are used only for silicone printing.

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Gimar S.r.l.

Via I maggio, 11
29010 Pianello Val Tidone
(PC) Italy
Tel.: +39 0523 998958
Fax: +39 0523 998953
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Rubber and silicone parts

The production mainly covers the heating sector with flat and plan shaped seals used for assemblies and combinations of different parts, thread carriers and fairleads to hold boiler’s combustion chamber, protection roses and gaskets for heating boilers, safety valves, hydraulic oil-water exchangers, fluid carries valves, seals produced with different polymers and diameters for pipes connections, condensation and smokes pipes, fans, etc.
Our products also works for food, hydraulic, electrical, zootechnical, automotive and industrial sectors. Our factories are placed in Pianello Val Tidone and cover a 3.000 mq areas.


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