Made in Italy

With machines fleet made up of 22 presses with different tonnage, from 35 to 400 tons, compression and injection (horizontal and vertical), we can best satisfy all requests.
The production mainly covers heating sector with flat and plan shaped seals used for assemblies and combinations of different parts, thread carriers and fairleads to hold boiler’s combustion chamber, protection roses and gaskets for heating boilers, safety valves, hydraulic oil-water exchangers, fluid carries valves, seals produced with different polymers and diameters for pipes connections, condensation and smokes pipes, fans, etc.
Our products also works for food, hydraulic, electrical, zootechnical, automotive and industrial sectors.

Double lip seal in black rubber

Black rubber cover

Transparent silicone fan sleeve gasket

Red silicone gasket

Red silicone gasket

Protective gasket in blue silicone

Pass-Through cable seal in blue silicone

Pass-Through cable seal in grey silicone

Pilot Pass-Through cable seal in transparent silicone

Orange TPE pipe closure cap

White TPE protection

White TPE sleeve


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