"A field remained dormant yields a bountiful harvest" 


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We take some time to rest and recharge batteries.

See you on september!

Gimar s.r.l. closing time for the summer holidays from 9 to 29 August 2021. Normal activities will resume on Monday 30 August 2021.


Gimar s.r.l. has always been a supporter of enduro motorcycling

and is happy to share the enthusiasm and strength that young Italian team has shown during "Six Days 2021" race.





Gimar s.r.l. will be closed for Christmas Holidays

starting from 24th December to 7th January included.

Normal activities will resume regularly on Monday 10th January 2022.




Some important phases during the moudling process of grey silicone tops with metal inserts..

stampaggio con inserti

We are pleased to show our first vertical automatic warehouse, a precious support that will help us during end products storage operations, making them more sure and accurate, saving spaces and making loading and unloading processes faster.

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modula 1

Three years ago we celebrated Gimar's first 40 years.
For the occasion we took the opportunity to appear in the well-known magazine "Platinum" with an article that presented our company,
our products and passion for work, handed down for two generations from a father to his own child.
Nowdays, despite great difficulties due to the economic crisis, the collapse of national and international markets and the current pandemic that has affected the whole world, we can say to look at the future with new and young eyes, aware that we can count on a well-established and trustworthy experience.

PLATINUM Nov. 2017 700pxl

Gimar's items are not applied only in the heating sector, but they are also used in sustainable energy industry.

An example is given by this black silicone part high temperatures resistant, used during solar panels construction.

Gimar always supports green economy in order to get a low energy consuption.

Our factory provides a recent photovoltaic system that make us partially electric energy indipendent.


Today, the 8th March is Woman's Day.

We send our best wishes to our whole Ladies' Staff and to all Women!


8 marzo x sito

Today we have a special guest at Gimar.

According to many traditions the vision of a butterfly has always a meaning.

In ancient times, when sailors were used to see a yellow butterfly, they had to be ready against adversities. 


farfalla 2

farfalla 1

Our fairleads in light blue silicone, available in transparent silicone, too, seen from a different point of view.

Autunno x sito

Works have just finished, but the new rooftop between the two factories is still operative, giving wider storage spaces for goods and packagings.

We would thank all people who have collaborated and given their contribution to the building realization, especially to Mr. Cagni, surveyor of Pianello Val Tidone district.

nuova tettoia

On Friday, July 27, Gimar expanded its machine fleet, adding a new rubber press, besides 21 ones already operating on the production of rubber and silicone parts.

On Monday, 3rd August stoneworks operations have been started to built a new awning between two hangars of Gimar.

The new roof, as well as offering a larger repair space for the storage of materials, will have the following functions:

  • storage of large packaging (wooden and plastic pallets, pvc chests)
  • zone of loading/unloading goods
  • material storage area waiting to be processed/finished

Building operations will last about 3 or 4 weeks and they will go on also during the days of Gimar’s closure for summer holidays, in order to not influence and bother normal working activities.