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for over 40 years a leader in the production of rubber and silicone components

The company was born in 1977 with a very precise and clear idea right from the start: to be present, grow and maintain roots on the hills of Val Tidone.

Our "corporate mission" is to produce quality rubber components with the aim of satisfying the demands of our customers in the best possible way. Our goal is to maintain and improve our position in the market and therefore, we conceive quality as a valid business management tool, capable of giving our products / services and our organization the ability to meet the needs of our customers.


Via Primo Maggio, 11
29010 Pianello Val Tidone (PC)
Tel. 0523 998958

Cod. Fisc. e P.IVA 00957000334
Iscr.pc.032-10044 reg.imp.pc
Iscr.n.117464 r.e.a. di pc
Cap.Soc. 52.000,00 euro i.v.